Collection: West Jewellery Co

West Jewellery Co., Inc., an American enterprise, embarked on its journey in the jewellery industry during the 1930s in Mississippi. A familial undertaking, the company was established by Mr. and Mrs. R.C. West along with R.C. West Jr. launching in 1935, and concluding its operations in 1989.<br><br>The jewellery designs from West Jewellery Co., Inc. mirror the traditional aesthetic prevalent in the early to mid-20th century, showcasing classic and Art Deco influences with a blend of geometric shapes and modernist flair.

A hallmark of their design philosophy was an acute focus on meticulous detail and exceptional filigree craftsmanship. The company favoured traditional materials for their jewellery pieces, including metal alloys coated in gold and silver, alongside high-quality crystals, glass, faux pearls, and semi-precious stones.

A distinctive feature of the company's branding was its maker’s mark 'WEST' in uppercase letters set within a rectangular cartouche that sported rounded corners. It is notable that the company's mark did not include a copyright symbol, a practice that became common among jewellery manufacturers post-1955, they did not follow this norm.