Collection: Ciro

CIRO was originally registered as a mail order company in London in 1917. The concept at the time was for customers to fill out and a pre-print order form from a daily newspaper and send it to CIRO along with a money order. Within three years in 1920, CIRO opened its first shop in London's Bond Street, one of the most exclusive shopping streets in the metropolis.

With the CIRO pearl - the first shell pearl in the world - the company laid the foundation for an almost 100-year tradition in 1917. Shell seed pearls did not exist back then and real pearls were very expensive. The CIRO pearls are handpicked and consist of a shell core. The surface is made of pure mother-of-pearl from oysters. This made the CIRO pearl the first attractive and inexpensive alternative to the very popular "real pearl". While other cultured pearls came onto the market over time, CIRO was already the market leader in the early 1920s.