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Mikimoto Japanese Graduated Akoya Pearl Silver Brooch

Mikimoto Japanese Graduated Akoya Pearl Silver Brooch

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Mikimoto Japanese Graduated Akoya Pearl Silver Brooch featuring three graduated Japanese Akoya Pearls set on a modernist silver brooch. This elegant brooch is 5.6cm long and 1.6cm at its widest point and it weighs 4.3g. The pearls have a beautiful creamy white lustre and graduate upwards 5mm, 6mm and the largest 7mm at the top and they are all equally spaced. The pearls are clean without any repair work/glue visible. The brooch is stamped on the reverse with the 'M' inside an oyster shell cartouche (Mikimoto's iconic mark) and an 'S' for Sterling Silver.

Mikimoto pearls were first created by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893 after years of painstaking research and trials using an implanted core to Akoya oyster shells. The Mikimoto pearls are the highest grade of cultured pearls available. All Mikimoto jewellery is marked either with Mikimoto or the trade mark 'M' in an Akoya oyster shell and either a silver or gold mark.

The silver marks vary from S, SIL, Sterling, Silver, 950. If it is not marked with a Mikimoto mark it cannot be said to be genuine. All Mikimoto pearls will be perfectly round with no lumps or imperfections. The nacre will be high quality thick, rich and full of lustre. The pearls range in size from 3-10mm depending on the size of the mother oyster. There will be no colour variation in the pearls within the piece of jewellery.

Vintage Mikimoto jewellery was always set with cream coloured to white pearls. Mikimoto pearl brooches have distinctive Japanese clasps and hinges. Although found on other brooches of Japanese origin they are always used on Mikimoto brooches. They have a rounded profile or ball shape of both the hinge and the clasp. They will all have the varied Mikimoto markings as well as the consistent 'M' in an oyster shell.

Pearl is the birthstone for June and the anniversary gift for the 30th wedding anniversary. Pearls also represent wisdom gained through experience. The gems of the sea are believed to offer protection to the wearer, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Moreover, pearls speak of the wearer’s purity and integrity.

This beautiful piece of jewellery began its journey many years ago and may have some very minor imperfections collected along its travels. By purchasing this piece you will investing in a brand new chapter of its story as well as making a positively conscious choice on sustainable fashion. Vintage jewellery for the beautiful you on our beautiful planet.

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