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ELLE 925 Silver Rhodium Plated Faceted Purple Goldstone Ring with Ruby Trademark

ELLE 925 Silver Rhodium Plated Faceted Purple Goldstone Ring with Ruby Trademark

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ELLE 925 Silver Rhodium Plated Faceted Purple Goldstone Ring with Ruby Trademark featuring a beautifully faceted, large purple sparkling goldstone set across the full width of the ring. It carries the ELLE signature created ruby trademark, which was used to symbolise a woman's inner strength and beauty. The position of this ruby, set in a square motif, mysteriously changes with every piece, adding a beautiful and unique meaning for its wearer. This lovely tactile ring is a UK Size J and a US 4.75 and it weighs 8.6g.

Goldstone is a man-made gemstone mixed with the mineral copper that has been treated resulting in its “sparkly” appearance (see the qualities for Copper). The sparkles in the stone, resulting from the Copper, represent the “Light” that is channelled by Goldstone. Copper is one of the most powerful conduits for moving and sending energy, making this stone a powerful ally for distance healing.

Goldstone is a stone of protection and grounding. It shields the body and energy bodies of negative frequencies, often returning these vibrations to their source. As a grounding Ally, Goldstone helps with our connection to Earth and correction of our vertical alignment. It brings balance to our Chakras and promotes a sense of calm and feeling centred. Goldstone instills confidence and a positive outlook. It motivates and propels one forward, assisting in the achievement of goals and manifestation of new ideas and dreams.

Purple Goldstone is generally Blue Goldstone and results from an infusion of cobalt. Purple Goldstone is believed to connect us with our authentic self and spiritual nature, enhance our connection to the Divine, and inspire the flow of Divine Light in healing. Purple Goldstone boosts confidence, inspires honest and truthful communication, and opens the door to new opportunities. In healing it is believed to ease headaches, eye ailments, inflammation, allergies and heart issues, stimulate nervous system and circulation.

This beautiful piece of jewellery began its journey many years ago and may have some very minor imperfections collected along its travels. By purchasing this piece you will investing in a brand new chapter of its story as well as making a positively conscious choice on sustainable fashion. Vintage jewellery for the beautiful you on our beautiful planet.

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