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Michaela Frey Made In Austria Brown Enamel Bangle

Michaela Frey Made In Austria Brown Enamel Bangle

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Michaela Frey Made In Austria Brown Enamel Bangle featuring a lovely 19.5cm enamel bangle with an inimitable Mackintosh inspired design with floral additions by Michaela Frey. This lovely bangle is signed 'Michaela Frey' in cursive script as well as 'MADE IN AUSTRIA' in a double outlined box, all in silver. The internal measurement of the bangle is 19.5cm and it weighs 16.7g.

Michaela Frey was an esteemed Austrian jewellery brand with a rich heritage spanning over seven decades. Founded by the visionary artist Michaela Frey in Vienna, Austria, in 1951, the company quickly gained renown for its exquisite enamel jewellery, distinguished by her art-inspired intricate designs and vibrant colours.

Dr. Friedrich Wille originally joined the company as an accountant and lawyer, eventually assuming sole ownership in 1972. With Michaela Frey's passing around 1980, her daughters sold the business to Wille, who, alongside chief designer Simone Grünberger-Wille, propelled the brand to new heights of artistic innovation.

This beautiful piece of jewellery began its journey many years ago and may have some very minor imperfections collected along its travels. By purchasing this piece you will investing in a brand new chapter of its story as well as making a positively conscious choice on sustainable fashion. Vintage jewellery for the beautiful you on our beautiful planet.

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