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Pierre Lang Oversized Gold Plated Bow Brooch

Pierre Lang Oversized Gold Plated Bow Brooch

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Pierre Lang Oversized Bow Brooch featuring pretty gold tone open metal work. It is 3.4cm high and 13.4cm at its widest point and weighs 29.7g. It has a lovely safety hood on the clasp and it is signed 'PL' on the reverse followed by the copyright symbol.

Austrian jewellery Pierre Lang began 60 years ago, in 1961, when the Andersen brothers founded a small factory for the production of jewellery to the wholesale trade, and it was in 1984 that Pierre Lang was officially incorporated. In 1987 the company opened its factories in Germany, making itself known in Europe. For hundreds of thousands of women, 'PL' means exclusive jewellery of the highest quality.

The variety and unique design make them something much more meaningful than just an accessory. It is worth noting that Pierre Lang only uses materials that do not cause allergic reactions, and since 1992 this has been an officially recognized. The matt effect in Pierre Lang jewellery is achieved by hand-treating the surface of the metal before applying a layer of gold or rhodium.

This beautiful piece of jewellery began its journey many years ago and may have some very minor imperfections collected along its travels. By purchasing this piece you will investing in a brand new chapter of its story as well as making a positively conscious choice on sustainable fashion. Vintage jewellery for the beautiful you on our beautiful planet.

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